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Solar Powered Heater Factory

Solar Powered Heater Factory
Within solar heat pump, refrigerant circulates through a closed loop, absorbing heat from the outdoor air or ground during the heating mode and releasing heat to the environment during the cooling mode.
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1、Heating, cooling and hot water in a one unit             

2、ERP A+++ energy efficiency                                  

3、Low noise and comfortable                                    

4、Panasonic or GMCC DC inverter Compressor with EVI System

5、THETA or CAREL Control System                                               

6、LCD Wire Controller with 13 languages                   

7、WiFi smart control

8、Heating capacity:11-34kW

9、Refrigerant:R290 / R32

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Multiple functions for easy installation and connection to existing heating systems


LCD Wire Controller & Wifi Smart System



Intelligent Heating System

Quick Series DC inverter air source heat pump has an intelligent three-way control system that intelligently distributes cold and hot water according to the heat demand of the house, providing heating, cooling, and hot water functions for the house. It supports dual modes of heating/hot water and cooling/hot water, and can be directly connected to traditional heating pipeline systems. One machine can replace boilers, water heaters, and air conditioners at the same time.


Neat Integrated Module  

Convenient for Installation and Daily Maintenance